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Imann Gaye is a French-Senegalese cultural facilitator and multidisciplinary artist born in Strasbourg in 1992. She graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL) and won the 2018 Sculpture Futures Prize.

In her first year, she began a research on the democratisation of art by questioning the role that artists and museums can play in contemporary societies. She has worked on numerous projects (2017-2018) for the South London Gallery (SLG) as part of the ‘Open Plan Public Art and Education Project’ and led workshops for children less exposed to art practices. She was artist-in-residence at SLG’s ‘Sunday Spot’ (June 2017). As a member of the Digital Makers Space collective, together with her peers they developed a workshop to raise children's awareness on plastic waste and pollution at Tate Modern, Tate Exchange (March 2018).

In addition, Imann was interning (2015-2017) in a ceramic studio (KANA London) which led her to understand the organisation of a production studio.

In October 2018 she moved to Dakar, where she worked as an assistant curator for Ousmane Dia during ‘Partcours 7’ exhibition series for the Pullman Teranga hotel and Galerie Kemboury. She also volunteered in a pottery learning centre for young deaf-mute people (January-May 2019) in the quality of assistant director. During this period, she successfully fundraised for a ceramic kiln and was the recipient of the German Cooperation (GIZ) grant that sponsored a training program for young potters, finally she organised a project with the RBS Crew to embellish the centre, to name a few.

Since August 2019, Imann works as an editorial assistant on behalf of Archive Books for the 12th edition of the ‘Bamako Encounters, African Biennale of Photography’. As of late, she conceptualised the set-design for an artistic and culinary event at Guest Projects, Yinka Shonibare’s art space.

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Potter and pottery teacher

Amadou Samb was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1989. When he was still a toddler he started to make objects from waste materials collected in the street. At the time his talent caught someone’s eyes, and he was then brought to a pottery association to cultivate his artistic skills. At 9 year old, he started his pottery training but he is mostly self-taught.

From the age of 16, he started to teach pottery in various educational institutions such as Chez Donald, Jeanne d’Arc, ASEDEME, Poisson Rouge and Ecole en Couleur. At the age of 25 he was the best turner (pottery wheel) and therefore was appointed as the workshop manager. In addition, Amadou offered free pottery classes for children in his neighbourhood.

He is artist Issa Samb’s (Joe Ouakam) nephew, who strongly encouraged him to pursue a career as a potter and as a community worker. Otherwise, Amadou is also a bricklayer. He speaks fluently Wolof and French.

Potier et professeur de poterie

Amadou Samb est né en 1989 à Dakar. Dès son plus jeune âge, il commence à fabriquer des objets à partir de matériaux récupérés dans la rue, c’est alors que quelqu'un le repère et l’amène dans une association qui enseigne la poterie pour développer ses capacités artistiques. Il débute sa formation en poterie à l’âge de neuf ans et se forme lui-même.

À l'âge de 16 ans il commence à donner des cours d’initiation à la poterie dans divers établissements scolaires telles que Chez Donald, Jeanne d’Arc, ASEDEME, poisson rouge et école en couleur. À l’âge de 25 ans il devient le chef d’atelier de cette association et le meilleur tourneur (tour de potier) de l’atelier. Parallèlement, il donne des cours gratuits aux enfants de son quartier.

Il est neveu de l’artiste Issa Samb (Joe Ouakam) qui l’a fortement encouragé à poursuivre sa carrière de potier et travailleur social. Il parle couramment Wolof et Français.

Potter and pottery teacher

Aboubacar Barry was born in Louga, Senegal in 1993. In 2011, then unable to secure a place within the classical school curriculum, he is welcomed at the 'SAMU social' where he met with a patron that offered to pay for his tuitions fees. This is when Aboubacar started his 3 years long training as a potter.

After the training he started to teach pottery in schools such as Montessori, Coccinelle, École en Couleur and Jean Mermoz. Aboubacar is specialised in traditional hand building techniques. He is also a turner (pottery wheel).

He speaks fluently Wolof, Peuhl and French.

Potier et professeur de poterie

Aboubacar Barry est né à Louga en 1993. En 2011, n'ayant pas accès au système éducatif formel, il est accueilli au "SAMU social" où une personne de passage lui proposa de payer pour les frais d'une formation en poterie de trois ans.

Après sa formation il commence à donner des cours dans des écoles telles que Montessori, Coccinelle, école en couleur et Jean Mermoz.

Abou est spécialisé en techniques traditionnelles de façonnages à la main. Il est aussi tourneur (tour de potier).

Il parle Wolof, Peuhl et Français.

Potter and pottery teacher

Cheikh Omar Thiam was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1991. Lacking financial means to go to classical school, he was brought at the age of 11 by Amadou Samb to the pottery association where he learned the skill.

Shortly after, he started to teach pottery in schools such as Chez Donald, Jean Mermoz, Poisson Rouge, École en couleur, l’Ile aux Enfants, Poucinets and École Éveil.

Cheikh is now a pottery teacher, specialized in modeling and traditional hand building techniques.

He speaks fluently Wolof and French.

Potier et professeur de poterie

Cheikh Omar Thiam est né 1991 à Dakar. N’ayant pas accès à l'école par faute de moyen économique, il est amené par Amadou Samb à l’association qui enseigne la poterie à l'âge de 11 ans où il y apprend ce savoir-faire.

À l'âge de 16 ans, il commence à donner des cours d’initiation à la poterie Chez Donald, Jean Mermoz, poisson rouge, école en couleur et l’île aux enfants, poucinets et école éveil.

Cheikh est maintenant formateur en poterie, spécialisé en modelage et techniques traditionnelles de façonnages à la main.

Il parle Wolof et Français.

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